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Download Rcai Class – 3 (A) Individual Application Form

Download Rcai Class- 3 (B) With Org Name Application Form

Documents required to process for the issuance of the Digital Certificate for Class 3 

Rcai Class 3 ( A) Individual : Point no. 1 to Point no. 4 is applicable
Rcai Class -3 ( B) With Org Name : Point no. 1 to Point no.6 is applicable


1. Application Form Sify RCAI Class 3 A or B (with ORG Name)
Download  Application form from above ,You must attach a Photograph, self attested by the Applicant. Completely filled and signed by the Applicant.
2. You must submit one copy of Government issued Photo-ID. (Self attested by the Applicant). This could include: 

  1. Passport
  2. Driving License
  3. Income Tax Identity (PAN) Card
  4. Voters Id card
  5. Service Identity Card issued to its employees by State / Central Government

3. Two other nationally valid ID's -that (Self attested by the Applicant). This could include: 

  1. Passports
  2. Driving Licenses
  3. Income Tax Identity (PAN) cards
  4. Voters Id card
  5. Service Identity Cards issued to its employees by State / Central Government
  6. Ration Card
  7. Photo Credit Cards / Debit card
  8. Bank / Kisan / Post Office passbooks
  9. Pension Documents such as ex-Servicemen's Pension Book / Pension Payment Order
  10. Ex-Servicemen's Widow / dependent Certificates
  11. Mediclaim or similar insurance cards
  12. Student SSC / HSC / graduation / post graduation degrees
  13. Birth certificate
  14. School leaving certificate 
  15. Electricity bill
  16. Mobile / Telephone bill

      Validity of the Address Proof:
      Recent proof, but not earlier than 3 months in case of electricity bill, mobile/telephone                
      bill and water bill.
      If the address in the Photo-id is different from the Address given in the application then
      a separate Address proof may be insisted & collected.

4. Letter of Authorization by the Authorised Signatory

If the Applicant is not giving the application in person then he has to authorize someone on his behalf.

5.   Proof of Right of Organisation to do business –  The copy must be attested as a 'True               
          Copy' by the authorised Signatory of  Organisation and must bear your company seal.

·         Certificate of Incorporation if it’s a Pvt Ltd or Ltd Company 
·         Partnership deed copy if it’s a Partnership firm
·         Tin No Copy if it’s a Proprietorship firm

6. Letter of Employment to be signed by the Authorised Signatory Letter of Employment (Annexure-4, in letter head duly filled / signed by authorized
Signatory) (or) A declaration from Company Director / Partner / Company Secretary of
the Applicant in case applicant is an authorized Signatory.

Note : Application Form and  photocopy of submitted documents should be duly attested by Gazetted Officer/ Notary / Banker

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