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Now get Class –3 Digital certificate in 30 minutes:

Download Rcai Class – 3 (A) Individual Application Form

Download Rcai Class- 3 (B) With Org Name Application Form

Documents required to process for the issuance of the Digital Certificate for Class 3 

Physical verification is must for Class3
Rcai Class 3 ( A) Individual : Point no. 1 to Point no. 4 is applicable
Rcai Class -3 ( B) With Org Name : Point no. 1 to Point no.6 is applicable


1. Application Form Sify RCAI Class 3 A or B (with ORG Name)
Download  Application form from above ,You must attach a Photograph, self attested by the Applicant. Completely filled and signed by the Applicant.
2. You must submit one copy of Government issued Photo-ID. (Self attested by the Applicant). This could include: 

  1. Passport
  2. Driving License
  3. Income Tax Identity (PAN) Card
  4. Voters Id card
  5. Service Identity Card issued to its employees by State / Central Government

3. Two other nationally valid ID's -that (Self attested by the Applicant). This could include: 

  1. Passports
  2. Driving Licenses
  3. Income Tax Identity (PAN) cards
  4. Voters Id card
  5. Service Identity Cards issued to its employees by State / Central Government
  6. Ration Card
  7. Photo Credit Cards / Debit card
  8. Bank / Kisan / Post Office passbooks
  9. Pension Documents such as ex-Servicemen's Pension Book / Pension Payment Order
  10. Ex-Servicemen's Widow / dependent Certificates
  11. Mediclaim or similar insurance cards
  12. Student SSC / HSC / graduation / post graduation degrees
  13. Birth certificate
  14. School leaving certificate 
  15. Electricity bill
  16. Mobile / Telephone bill

      Validity of the Address Proof:
      Recent proof, but not earlier than 3 months in case of electricity bill, mobile/telephone                
      bill and water bill.
      If the address in the Photo-id is different from the Address given in the application then
      a separate Address proof may be insisted & collected.

4.   Proof of Right of Organisation to do business –  The copy must be attested as a 'True               
          Copy' by the authorised Signatory of  Organisation and must bear your company seal.

·         Certificate of Incorporation if it’s a Pvt Ltd or Ltd Company 
·         Partnership deed copy if it’s a Partnership firm
·         Tin No Copy if it’s a Proprietorship firm

5. Letter of Employment to be signed by the Authorised Signatory Letter of Employment (Annexure-4, in letter head duly filled / signed by authorized
Signatory) (or) A declaration from Company Director / Partner / Company Secretary of
the Applicant in case applicant is an authorized Signatory.

Note : Application Form and  photocopy of submitted documents should be duly attested by Gazetted Officer/ Post Master / Banker

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